“We are not handing out gifts, but are bringing forth the gifts inside people themselves.” (adapted from ‘The Blue Sweater’)



To bring hope in Christ.


Use physical therapy to quench physical and spiritual needs.

We expose the students to the Physical Therapy profession through our work development and job training program.

Teaching and Mentoring involves partnering with organizations, such as Cornerstone Crossroads Academy in South Dallas, and others throughout the metroplex. 


​​We want to equip the students with the tools they will need to be successful in the Physical Therapy profession.  

As they assist in treating patients the students develop work skills, and they learn how to give through acts of service - ultimately becoming better members of our community.  

We Expose and Equip to Empower the students so they can have choices in the future.  

Jesus Christ was the greatest servant leader of all time.  We hope to teach the students through our example of servant leadership, so that they can impact the organizations where they will eventually work.  


To love the Unloved.​


job training for at risk youth

Most of the students we work with do not have access to opportunities to develop their God given skills and talents.  ​Our goal is to provide them with access to our profession in Physical Therapy to offer them the tools they need for self-sufficiency through our 3 EE's process.